About Room 36

We are 3rd grade students in Los Angeles. Our teacher is Mr. R. In our Blog we will share what we are learning. Please feel free to comment. If you are students just like us, let us know so that we can visit your blog also.  If you are a an elementary classroom teacher and would like to start your own class blog, leave comment so that Mr. R. can contact you and show you how.  Any 3rd grade classes out there that would like to snail mail (penpals) let us know.


11 responses to “About Room 36

  1. Hey Room 36,
    I’m enjoying listening to your podcast about storytelling. I look forward to hearing more from you. I’m just learning about podcasting, and our 5th grade class at Brooklyn Ave. School (we’re in East L.A.), Room 13 has a podcast as well. Check it out and let me know what you think.
    How did you do at InfoTech? Looks like you and Mr. R. are busy!
    Ms. Schindler
    Teacher, Brooklyn Ave. School

  2. Thank you Ms. Schindler for visiting our classroom blog. How can we listen to your podcast? What are you learning about now?

  3. Hello Mr. R,

    Great blogs and podcasts. Have you seen my classroom blog?

    P.S. Hello to Ana E. from Mathew

  4. Hi Mr. R. How are you doing? Glad to see your blog up and running so well. It looks so professional! I think wordpress is the way to go for the blog class, don’t you?

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment! I look forward to working with you and your students in the future. 🙂

    Mrs. Angela West

  6. Hi, I am Kendra, a 6th grader from Ms.H’s class in New Zealand and I’m really interested in your blog. Some of you guys write better than I do! Please come visit and comment on our classes work at [[www.room18tis.learnerblogs.org]]

  7. Hello,
    My name is Joel & I represent http://www.fool.com.We are interested in getting a
    link on your blog.Let me know if you are interested.Thanks!

  8. Hello Mr. R and boys and girls!
    I am a beginning teacher and I am excitedly preparing a unit on imagination for my future grade 3 students. Could you send me some tips on what you do during your unit on imagination? Much appreciated!

  9. Hi, I teach a group of 4t, 5th,and 6th graders with learning disabilities in a very rural part of New Mexico. Most of my students are Native Americans. Would you be interested in snailmailing with us? We are learning about corresponding with others. Thanks for such a great site.
    Barb Maxwell

  10. We found this site searching for information about Mexican money. We really like what you’ve done with your blog and would be interested in snail mailing to your school. We are a class of Year 2 children (6-7 yrs old) who love the internet and finding out about the world! http://www.albrightonprimary.com

  11. Hi Room 36! You are so lucky to be in such an interesting classroom. I am a first year third grade teacher near downtown San Diego and would love to find out how to set up a blog for MY students. Also, if you are still looking for pen pals, let me know. Thank you!!
    Mrs. Simpson

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