Inquiry Journal for Four Dollars and Cents by Eric Kimmel

 This is a humorous story set n the Old West. Shorty Long is a cowboy who everybody money. One day Widow Macrea, who runs the Silver Dollar Cafe, decides she’s tired of shorty not paying his bills. Shorty owes her four dollars and fifty cents, and she wants him to pay up. When Widow Macrea goes to the ranch where Shorty works, Shorty pretends to be dead, he has to be buried. Widow Macrea takes Shorty’s body to Boot Hill, where dead cowboys are buried. That’s when the outlaw, Big Nose George Parrot, and some of his gang come along and Shorty’s troubles multiply.

We use the Concept Problems Wonderings Chart  every week when we browse through our stories. This week we had the following wonderings; (Look at the comments and responses)


11 responses to “Inquiry Journal for Four Dollars and Cents by Eric Kimmel

  1. Why is the women pointing at the man? by DT
    Because she is telling the man to give the money back by AV
    Because he has to pay the money. by RM
    He didn’t give the money to her. by EC

  2. I wonder why the women pulling the something? by AF
    Widow Macrea is pulling the coffin because she thinks that Shorty was dead but he was playing. by VO
    Because they want to bury him. by MO

  3. Why does the boy (Shorty) hide in the cemetery by RC.
    Because he owed $4.50 by EA

  4. I wonder why Big Oscar has BIG on his name? by RF
    Big Oscar has big in it because he is big for his age. by DT
    Maybe they call him Big Oscar because he is big and his name is Oscar. by AF

  5. Why are they shooting at the box? by AGV
    Because they want money and get rich. by FR

  6. Why did the man come out? by MO
    The man came out because of the robbers. by LR

  7. Thats a cool story

  8. Hello Mr.R i am your 3 grade student Oscar Fregoso. I saw the pictures from the fild trip we went to. I hoped they open the goosebumps in the sience center.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Oscar… Hope everything is Well.. and you are getting ready for Middle School..The Science Center is always a cool fieldtrip to go to. our new blog is: take care, bye.

  10. Cool site, love the info.

  11. hello all,

    I am new here and , fatiguing to gain knowledge of some things here.

    Sorry for my bad english i m Belarus


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