Cinco de Mayo

Happy cinco de mayo!  Today we celebrate when the Mexican peasants defeated the powerful French army outside the city of Pueba, Mexico on May 5, 1862.  Cinco de Mayo


California Science Center

We visited the California Science Center in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday May 2nd, 2007. We visited Three Exhibits; The Air and Space, The Body World, and Creative World. These are the pictures we took on our field trip. Sound Seeing

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Super Duper Super Cool Saturday School Writing

We’re sure you have read biographies and autobiographies (auto = “by the subject himself” bios = a life). It’s time to put yourself in the limelight; record the important facts and memories of your life. Don’t write HIS-story, write your story.

Directions: In the space provided discuss pets, toys, and hobbies you have enjoyed in your life.

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Storytelling Unit Wrap-up

Think about the stories you have read in the Storytelling unit. We read A Story A Story, The Carving Pole, The Brothers Grimm, Oral History, Aunt Flossies Hats, The Keeping Quilt, and Home Place. What was your favorite story and why?

Cesar E. Chavez Day

We celebrated Cesar E. Chavez day today. We spent the morning learning about Cesar E. Chavez life. We used a great packet developed by the Los Angeles County Library. We read stories, did a play, and completed a crossword. After Recess we set up the LCD projector and watched a documentary / Biography on Cesar E. Chavez from the UFW (United Farm Workers) Website. We also used a timeline on the life of Cesar E. Chavez and listened to an NPR (National Public Radio) news report given in 2004 in observation of Cesar E. Chavez Day. After lunch, to Wrap up our day, we did a Read Aloud; Harvesting Hope. Finally we read The Historical Life of a Farmworker a great coloring book found in the elementary campaign pdf from the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation. NOW we’re ready for Spring Break!

Infotech 2007

We are competing at Infotech 2007!  We created a digital story about storytelling.  In our presentation we looked at how technology can open the doors to our imagination.  We looked at how story telling has changed and the role technology has had in this.  Check out our quicktime movie.


We’ve been busy this month learning about storytelling. We just recorded our stories. Check out our podcast feed. We are also competing at Infotech this year, a computer conference in LAUSD  (Los Angeles, CA).   We created a Digital story about storytelling.   Look for our quicktime movie, coming soon.