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Probability in 3rd Grade

We have been studying probability for the last week. We learned about events. Our Math Coach came in and did two lessons. We learned about probability by doing a coin toss. We know that there are two possible outcomes in a coin toss; heads or tails. We recorded our data on a T chart using tally marks. We also did a survey on choosing a favorite number (1,2,3, or 4). At first we only surveyed our classmates. For homework we asked our family and friends. Once we collected the data we recorded and represented the data using a horizontal bar graph. Mr. R followed up on this lesson by having us survey other third grade classrooms, it was Mrs. Carillo’s Idea – our Math Coach 🙂 Here are the  results; Collecting DataHorizontal Bar Graph


Super Duper Super Cool Saturday School Writing

We’re sure you have read biographies and autobiographies (auto = “by the subject himself” bios = a life). It’s time to put yourself in the limelight; record the important facts and memories of your life. Don’t write HIS-story, write your story.

Directions: In the space provided discuss pets, toys, and hobbies you have enjoyed in your life.

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