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Inquiry Journal for Four Dollars and Cents by Eric Kimmel

 This is a humorous story set n the Old West. Shorty Long is a cowboy who everybody money. One day Widow Macrea, who runs the Silver Dollar Cafe, decides she’s tired of shorty not paying his bills. Shorty owes her four dollars and fifty cents, and she wants him to pay up. When Widow Macrea goes to the ranch where Shorty works, Shorty pretends to be dead, he has to be buried. Widow Macrea takes Shorty’s body to Boot Hill, where dead cowboys are buried. That’s when the outlaw, Big Nose George Parrot, and some of his gang come along and Shorty’s troubles multiply.

We use the Concept Problems Wonderings Chart  every week when we browse through our stories. This week we had the following wonderings; (Look at the comments and responses)


Money Money Money

We are learning all about money. We have read stories about money. This past week we read; Alexander who Used to be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Voirst. Poor Alexander lost all his money. Check out this video about another boy who lost his dollar also;

Money Poem by Shel Silverstein
Could you give these kids some advice? How do you save money and why should they save their money?

Storytelling Unit Wrap-up

Think about the stories you have read in the Storytelling unit. We read A Story A Story, The Carving Pole, The Brothers Grimm, Oral History, Aunt Flossies Hats, The Keeping Quilt, and Home Place. What was your favorite story and why?