We’ve been busy this month learning about storytelling. We just recorded our stories. Check out our podcast feed. We are also competing at Infotech this year, a computer conference in LAUSD  (Los Angeles, CA).   We created a Digital story about storytelling.   Look for our quicktime movie, coming soon.


3 responses to “Storytelling

  1. Hello! I am a third grade teacher in Orlando, FL and I just stumbled across your blog. I think it’s wonderful! I just started working with Podcasting. No one else in my school does it, so it’s kind of uncharted territory. Any help you could give me would be awesome!! I love using technology in my classroom. I want to start using video, but don’t know where to start. How did you do the quicktime movie? 🙂

  2. I enjoyed listening to your book talks. It looks like your on your way to great podcasts. We created our quicktime movie from a Mac Powerpoint slide show. It exported directly to a .mov file. You can create your own video podcasts VLOGS with progams like Windows Movie Maker or Mac’s imovie. Check out what’s happening over at There is a great ELGG or online community of educators implementing technology in the classroom. Best of luck!

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