Week at Open Court Reading Training

I spent the last week at training. Some new information some old. It was a good overview of the program. Our instructor managed to keep us engaged throughout the week. As I return, I want to focus on how to teach new vocabulary to students. I am also going to look at the best way to implement Independent Work Time (IWT). There was a brief overview of the English Learner Support Guide. I need to go back and review all this new learning and see how it best fits my classroom. Mr. R


3 responses to “Week at Open Court Reading Training

  1. Hi there! I don’t know if you remember me, I was in training with you at the Hilton in Burbank for OCR 2000 the last week of october. How are you? Hope all is well, and I know I think I was supposed to email you something, but I forgot!!!
    I’m sorry!! Hopefully, we’ll talk soon!

    Eric Antuna
    PSUSD Agua Caliente Elementary

  2. This site has a free podcast which has some great information on how to implement IWT.

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